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Hello!  Have you ever been asked to sit down and write a bio? I have a few times and as the curser pulses on a blank screen in front of me the same thing ALWAYS seems to happens! Yes,  you are correct if you are like me all of a sudden you find your mind racing between either bullet points of your life such as…

NAME: Carly, JOB: Home Maker (really needs to be a more creative term, but non the less) MARRIED: Yes, KIDS “than in brackets the number” : Three and oh yes AGES: 3,6 and 7.

Or an essay you wrote in school that was a million words long and you had no clue how to narrow down, well this is where I am at!

Shall I go on! As you can see I love to write and when the voice in my headed started to talk as if I were narrating a movie I decided to go with it.  I suppose I have already given the basic stats on me, tricky how I managed to do that, wink aaaand smily face. So is this the point where I dive deeply into the murky waters of who I am and what my blog is about, maybe yes and if so where do I even begin?……  If you are still with me and reading along I hope you enjoy.

I am a born and raised Victoria girl, “really did I just say that”!  It is however the truth and the other truth is that even though you cannot wait to leave the island life and throw that courageous dingy into the fog of the rest of the world, that we become self propelled boomerangs that find there way home. “Wow!! really went of on a tangent there, my apologies”.  I am however as you may have guess it now back in this amazingly beautiful place, called Vancouver Island, along with my three stunning and stubborn brats, “opps I think Im supposed to say lovely little girls”, wink wink, kidding, they really are amazing! and my supportive, caring and tremendously courageous husband. I think when I start to tell people that I have been lucky to have to had the option to be a stay at home mom (not again, seriously another title please!) I really do mean lucky. However that doesn’t mean I have felt that way every second of every minute of every hour of every day that goes into being at home. I believe, wait backspace, I know that is why I am here today with you. So many times did I need to just dream, to ask advice, to have a shoulder to lean on or to be frank, quiet of my own thoughts. I hope this blog…. “seriously a blog”  backspace, mmmm no lets go with home away form home “yes much better”,  a home away from home when you just need to know how to pack your suitcase and escape.


Its funny, not haha funny but to be totally cliche, I look back at my the path to which I’ve danced, crawled, rolled or even been dragged along makes me me and brings me here to say hi and welcome.


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