SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Review

Who, what, where, when and why!  These are the questions I will do my best to cover today. This being our 8th trip to Vegas, we opted to stay somewhere new and The SLS Resort and Casino was the perfect candidate.

When and Why?

I’d like to begin with when and why you should stay at The SLS Las Vegas Resort and Casino.  From my experience, there are many different reasons, however, I will say, to each there own, the following is based on my personal experience.

As our flight flew over the Las Vegas strip I started to question my decision about our hotel, getting a birds eye view of the distance from our hotel to the centre of all the action, had me concerned I had made a bad choice.  I was wrong.

SLS Las Vegas Resort and CasinoSaam

As we pulled up to the front entrance we were greeted by “Saam”, a large statue, sitting poised in the middle of the porte-cochère.  The original plan was for a large red heel to take centre stage.  Somewhere along the way, the artist Philippe Starck, was inspired to create a caricature of Nazarian. Who is the CEO of SBE Entertainment, the company that co-owns SLS.

SLS Las Vegas Resort and Hotel

The SLS exudes style, with an air of refined elegance.  No, you are not going to see bright flashing lights, erupting volcanoes or dancing fountains.  You are however, going to get a hip, sophisticated, strikingly modern hotel, with fabulous costumer service.  I can quite honestly say, I felt like a celebrity staying incognito.

The modern influence, which was consistent throughout, combined with the mixture of elements from the properties past, made it truly unique.  The LED colour changing floor tiles, triggered by your feet and the eye catching 3D video screen, that hovers above the centre bar in the middle of the casino, were stunning.

SLS Las vegas Resort and Casino
3D Video Screen hovers over centre bar

SLS Las Vegas
Colour changing floor tiles at entrance to the casino

I truly loved how the hotel, in a nod to the past, retained memories all over the place, you just needed to look closely.  The custom made carpets, created from photographs of iconic images are beautiful and the sparkling chandelier, made from door handles of the Sahara, quietly hangs outside the doors to the Sayers Club.  These are just a few subtle reminders of what had once been.

SLS Carpets
                      Beautiful custom carpets of iconic images cover the hotel grounds

Sahara ChandelierSahara Chandelier


After we checked in, which was quick and painless, we headed up to our room in the LUX tower.  My expectation of the rooms were high, especially after seeing those gorgeous photographs they have on there site.

Reception at SLS Las Vegas

Hallway in the LUX tower of SLS Las VegasHallway in the LUX tower

To be honest I was initially disappointed and I should have paid closer attention when I was booking.  Not all the rooms are the same size or layout, which of course makes sense but I truly didn’t think about it when I made the reservation.  So make sure you are aware of what you are getting when you call.

My amazing husband sensed my hesitancy and after chatting with an incredibly helpful gentleman at reception, we headed to our new room on the 15th floor of the LUX tower.  This time I was thrilled, the room was huge with a fabulous view that over looked the Foxtail pool (aka the duck pond, as I like to call it)

SLS Las vegas room

SLS Las Vegas LUX tower bathroom

SLS Las Vegas LUX Tower Bathroom

View from LUX tower at SLS Las Vegas
                                           View from our room on the 15th floor of the LUX tower

The room, a LUX corner king, was lovely.  It was much more minimalistic in comparison to say the Aria or Cosmo, this however, was consistent with the boutique feel of the entire hotel.  The tapestry on the walls is a signature for the hotel and a beautiful addition, I particularly loved the pink touches here and there.  A classic french style is seen throughout the room, from the oversized white leather sofas to the whimsical lighting and I loved lounging around in the evening before a big night out, in their incredibly soft robes and slippers.


  • Clean
  • Lots of space
  • Full length mirror
  • Comfy bed, soft sheets
  • Iron and Ironing board
  • Laundry service
  • Larger shower with dual shower heads
  • Turn down service


  • No in room coffee
  • Minimal closet storage
  • No dresser
  • Single sink
  • No tub



After settling in we were starving and my goodness there was certainly a large variety of restaurants, that could satisfy even the most discerning pallet.  First off was Katsuya, an award winning, Japanese cuisine dining experience, with a plethora of specialty cocktails. The menu is exquisite and the service was impeccable, we even had two servers making sure we were fully enjoying our evening.

katsuya 1 katsuyaKatsuya

If you are smart and plan ahead of time, which I highly recommend you do, you could enjoy a memorable meal at Bazaar Meat by José Andrés.  Here the term steak house has been redefined, turned on its head you could say.  It’s a joy for all your senses, from the dizzying array of steak and seafood from around the world, all set in a sultry hunting lodge setting.  I would advise that you prepare yourself for the bill, it is not cheap, it is however, very worth the experience, because it is not just a meal, it is an event.

Bazaar_Meat_Is_a_Carnivorous_Culinary_Sensation_-_Vegas_Seven                                               Bazaar Meat by José Andrés                                                   

Those are just two of the eight, delectable eateries you can enjoy, we unfortunately did not get time to try them all.  If you are lucky enough, there is also Cleo, a Mediterranean delight and Ku Noodle, there dumplings I hear are to die for.  If burgers are your thing than you must try Umami Burger, which has an outdoor beer garden overlooking the strip, with an extensive selection of craft beers, (psst try the tater totes, they aren’t on the menu, it’s a secret).
If none of these tickles your fancy, try Italian, at 800 Degrees, the pizza crust is made with flour from the ancient Molino San Felice in Naples and the vegetables are locally grown.

Tip: You can order select menu items from Bazaar Meat in the adjoining Bazaar Casino with out a reservation.


northside cafe

northside cafe sls las vegas

Northside Cafe

The place where my husband I enjoyed most of our meals was at the Northside Cafe, it is open 24/7 folks, how amazing is that!!!!  With a soda shop type feel, home-style cooking and huge selection. From burgers to dim sum, street tacos to caramelized banana pancakes you cannot go wrong.  Oh and besides the fantastic coffee and great service, they also have many options on the menu for those of us who have a gluten allergy.


 Mix and Mingle

At SLS there is certainly no shortage of places to experience the term “Sin City”.  Nazarian and his team are big influencers in the nightclub scene, so there is no surprise, that you will be enjoying some of the best ranked hot spots in Las Vegas.
The place to see and be seen is at one of the two beautiful the poolside lounges, unfortunately due to the fact it was winter time, the pool was not an option for us.

The Foxtail at SLS Las Vegas
Foxtail Pool

I did however get a chance to snoop around the grounds of the Foxtail pool and I had a few concerns.  I will hold off judgement though till I get a chance to return in the warmer months. In general the decor was glamorous with an air of edgy sophistication and the pool area was clean and well maintained.  I am very interested to see how it functions when it is busy and the music is pumping.

The LUX pool at SLS Las Vegas
LUX pool

The LUX pool grounds were also very clean and the glamours feel continues throughout.  I have heard this is the place to go if you want to relax, while you sip some freshly-made signature cocktails. The vibe tends to be much more mellow, the perfect place to escape.


Up For The Evening

If you are looking to start your evening off right, be sure to sit your beautiful self down in the Monkey Bar, which is located in the lobby.  One of the first things that pops out is the array of monkey decor, from the light fixtures, to the pictures on the wall and details on the tables. Why Monkeys?  Well, because they are mischievous and intelligent, just like the SLS, or as they would like to be known.
Another tidbit of info and one most people would not even realize, is the outside private patio, perfect for those warm summer evenings and secret moments.

monkey barMonkey Bar Patio SLSThe Monkey Bar

If you are looking for something a bit more lively you have two fabulous options, try The Sayers Club or The Foxtail.  The Sayers club is the perfect place to start off, I would consider it to be more of a lounge, as most of the floor area is taken up with couches.  It is quite intimate and can get crowded but it is worth it to see who will be gracing the stage.  From live music to comedians, to random DJ sets, it’s a lovely place to chill, if however you want to get to groove on than head to the Foxtail.

Sayers nightclubThe Sayers Club

The Foxtail NightclubThe Foxtail Pool & Nighclub

The Foundry SLS The Foundry

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to check out the The Foxtail or The Foundry, also located in SLS.  Is it however, on my to do list when I return and I will let you all know what I thought.  From what I hear though, they are both fabulous options for great music, contagious energy and high tech atmosphere, I cannot wait to go.  I would love to hear what you think, if you have been.

There you have it folks, an up close look at my personal experience at SLS Hotel and Casino.  If you are a history nut like me and enjoy walking in the shoes of those before you, take a look at what used to be and carry with you some fantastic images during your visit.

SLS Las Vegas
Count the monkeys, they are always watching:)


Who, What, Where?

Who was and is, The SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.  The name, is still in the infancy stage, however the building itself, has been standing strong for 64 years.

free_images_of_the_sahara_las_vegas_in_1952_-_Google_Search (3)
The hotel, formerly known as The Sahara Hotel and Casino, opened its doors in 1952 and housed over 1700 guest rooms.  The casino, covering more than 85,000 sqft, sits on 55 acres and anchors the northern end of the strip.

The hotel is also the last stop of the Las Vegas Monorail, which still runs today and is accessed from street level on Paradise Road behind The SLS Hotel and Casino. The Monorail is a great way to access the strip, with 7 stops in between The SLS and MGM, it is the perfect alternative to a cab.

The hotel has housed some of the hottest performers of its day, from Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. to Judy Garland and Sonny &Cher, along with so many other incredible names.


Over the years owner ship has changed hands a few times and additions have been done here and there.  The hotel constructed the first high-rise tower on the strip in 1959, than a second 24-story tower was added in 1963, making the hotel the tallest building in Las Vegas.

In 1987 a 27-story tower was erected, in 1999 a roller coaster was added and new restaurants opened their doors.  After a fantastic 59 year run on the strip, The Sahara closed its doors on May 16, 2011, this however is not the end to the story, it is the beginning of a new era.

In August 2014, after a $415 million dollar conversion, the beautifully unforgettable SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, made her debut.  The name “SLS” says it all, style, luxury and service and I can personally vouch for that all.  With over 80,000 sg ft of event space, a huge variety of dining experiences, an open air rooftop pool/night club, stunning spa and impeccable guest rooms, you will be very content.

Stay tuned because more plans are in the works for 2016, changes to the 289-room LUX Tower will be made and will reopen as W Las Vegas in September.  The W will feature its own entrance, lobby, meeting space, pool and facilities. Some very exciting changes are coming and I will look forward to returning to take a peak.

Carly Elisabeth xx

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