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A little naughty, a little nice

A little Naught, a little nice 12

This outfit optimizes femininity, beautiful, strong and confident. The strong lines of the leather jacket, the caged effect of the heel, combined with the soft, delicate flow of the skirt and plush fold over clutch are the perfect combination of naughty and nice. This gorgeous pale pink maxi skirt is my first online purchase from […] Read more…

Behind The Scene

Behind the scene 14

Oh my goodness, do not let my content demeanor fool you, I was freaking freezing! I have been waiting to show you all this fabulous top from Cameo The Label for a while, but never got around to photographing it. I also had a bee in my bonnet, as my mother would say, about the […] Read more…

Different Tones

Different tones 13

This series of photographs truly depict what weather in Victoria is like in the fall. One moment the rain is falling so hard the ground in front of you is a blur,  than a gorgeous rainbow is cast above you and the sun then beams down warmth upon your cheeks. I truly did not want to […] Read more…

Camo Gal

Camo Gal 2

Do you think I blend in ?(hehe). I know that is the point with Camouflage print, however not when it comes to fashion. This jacket is so cute, the spike, stud details on the shoulders and cropped zip cuffs, just add to the appeal. I like the option to cinch in the waist with the […] Read more…

Mixing it up

Mixing it up 7

Another beautiful day. I am so grateful for having had such an incredible start to fall. Now don’t get me wrong I love summer, however my favorite color combination is red and burgundy, which pops among the golden, orange tones of fall. I fell in love with this plaid jacket as soon as I saw […] Read more…

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